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Vegetable Gardening

Our Vegetable Gardening are exactly what you’ve always wanted. If you purchase any Vegetable Gardening item, the profits generated is used to assist our employee’s education fund. Honestly! Backyardgardener is the largest gardening store in the world. We are constantly expanding to bring you everything for your growing needs. We carry everything from top to bottom; indoors and outdoors, home lifestyles to automotive, equipment & tools. Our primary focus is in gardening products and plants & trees, but we’ve added sports and outdoors to continually grow. The Vegetable Gardening products are only one part of our product list.

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Heavyweight Row Covers $16.95
Protects crops down to 24oF! Almost three times thicker than our regular floating row covers.
Heavyweight Row Covers

Herbs Alive!â„¢ Fertilizer $5.95
Only from gardens alive! Finally, an all-natural fertilizer formulated specifically for herbs!
Herbs Alive!â„¢ Fertilizer

Organic Batavian Endive $2.95
Large, green, lettuce-like leaves form round, 15-inch tightly packed heads.
Organic Batavian Endive

Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce $3.45
Only from Gardens Alive! A healthier alternative! Matures early, is very adaptable and is slow to bolt.
Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Organic Blue Lake 274 Bush Beans $3.45
Only from Gardens Alive! Heavy yielding, tender white-seeded bean with fine texture and quality.
Organic Blue Lake 274 Bush Beans

Organic Brandywine Red Tomatoes $3.45
Sweet and big on flavor, this variety is productive and heat resistant.
Organic Brandywine Red Tomatoes

Organic Cal Wonder Pepper $3.45
Only from Gardens Alive! A very large blocky thick-walled pepper ideal for stuffing and great for freezing.
Organic Cal Wonder Pepper

Organic Cascade Giant Stringless Snap Pole Bean $5.95
Vines of this stringless variety grow 6-8', producing 11"" round green pods with streaks of bright purple that disappear during cooking.
Organic Cascade Giant Stringless Snap Pole Bean

Organic Champion Collards $3.45
The dark green, cabbagelike leaves are tender and tasty in an assortment of dishes.
Organic Champion Collards

Organic Cherry Belle Radish $3.45
It is a good keeper and can be planted all summer long--it's an excellent fall crop.
Organic Cherry Belle Radish

Organic Common Sage $3.45
A hearty, traditional seasoning used in meat and poultry dishes, sauces and stuffing, fresh sage produces lovely green-blue leaves with lavender-colored flowers appearing in summer.
Organic Common Sage

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Vegetable Gardening


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