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4-Pattern Telescoping Sprinkler

Customize this sprinkler to suit all your garden's watering needs. The height adjusts from 31" to 59" so you can use it to water everything in your landscape, from lawns to tall perennial and shrub plantings. Set it for full- or part-circle coverage; rotate the head up or down for precise distance control. Four spray patterns: shower, fine, fan and jet. It offers great coverage, watering a circle up to 69' in diameter (3740 sq. ft.), so you???ll spend less time dragging hoses and sprinklers around the yard. Because it???s gear-driven, it???s quieter, too. Tripod stand has leg spikes that dig into the soil for stability. Made from durable aluminum, zinc and heavy-duty ABS plastic. Aluminum, zinc, durable ABS plastic Height adjusts from 31" to 59" Legs fold for compact storage

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4-Pattern Telescoping Sprinkler

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4-Pattern Telescoping Sprinkler