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Hoses & Sprinklers

Does it grow? Well then you need to water these plants. We have everything required to water your garden.

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Push-Button Sprinkler $49.95
This two-in-one sprinkler combines an oscillating spray bar with a multi-pattern sprinkler in one convenient unit. Conserve water by adjusting to target just the area you want to water. To select a spray pattern, simply rotate the pattern dial. The (more ...)
Push-Button Sprinkler

Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose System $34.95
Apply water just where you want it — and not where you don't. With the Snip -n-Drip Soaker System you can easily create a customized watering drip system for your raised beds and in-ground gardens. No special tools required — just use (more ...)
Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose System

Super Slim Hose & Reel Set, 50' $69.95
This compact, all-in-one watering system is a convenient way to water containers and gardens. It includes an easy-to-wind hose reel and our exclusive 50' Featherweight Slim Hose, plus an ergonomic, 7-pattern Easy-Squeeze Spray Nozzle that allows you (more ...)
Super Slim Hose & Reel Set, 50'

Super-Slim Coil Hoses $0.00
Not only are coil hoses lighter than conventional hoses, they are also less bulky and more flexible. They???re extremely durable, too, with a tough polyurethane jacket and crushproof nickel/chrome fittings to ensure a leak-proof connection. (more ...)
Super-Slim Coil Hoses

Super-Slim Lightweight Hoses $0.00
Hate dragging around heavy hoses? Give yourself a break with this ingenious, super-light polyurethane hose. It weighs less than half as much as a conventional hose, yet is built to last with industrial spring guards at each end to eliminate annoying (more ...)
Super-Slim Lightweight Hoses

Water Bubbler with Flow Control $12.95
Apply a gentle soaking to the soil under trees and shrubs without washing away mulch or causing erosion. Also handy for watering the soil around delicate plants that could be damaged by direct spray. You can adjust the water flow with the flow (more ...)
Water Bubbler with Flow Control

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Hoses & Sprinklers