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Rain Barrels

Does it grow? Well then you need to water these plants. We have everything required to water your garden.

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Rainwater Urn, 65 Gallon $0.00
This Rainwater Urn is a stylish, shapely alternative to traditional rain barrels. Made of UV-stable, scratch- and chip-resistant polyethylene, it has an appealing matte textured finish, quality spigot and 6-foot hose with shut-off valve. Removable (more ...)
Rainwater Urn, 65 Gallon

Santa Fe Rain Barrel $0.00
A decorative landscape accent in its own right, this handsome, 47-gallon rain barrel comes complete with corrosion-proof screen, 4-foot hose with shut-off valve, dual overflows and hose hanger. UV-stable polyethylene 33-1/2" H x 20" square at (more ...)
Santa Fe Rain Barrel

Solar Rain Barrel Pump $139.00
Now you can use the power of the sun to pump water out of your rain barrel! The RainPerfect™ Solar-Powered Rain Barrel Pump provides a consistent water pressure of 13 pounds per square inch, which is perfect for most drip irrigation systems, (more ...)
Solar Rain Barrel Pump

Sundra Woven Tank Rain Barrel $359.00
With a surface texture that resembles woven wicker, the Sundra Woven Tank Rain Barrel adds a distinctive design element to your home's exterior while it collects rainwater. Naturally chlorine-free, rainwater is ideal for watering gardens and can (more ...)
Sundra Woven Tank Rain Barrel

Two 4-Port Rain Barrels plus Linking Kit $0.00
The only thing better than collecting pure, chemical-free rainwater for your garden is collecting twice as much of it. Our largest rain barrel now features four hose connector ports, so it's easier than ever to access water and link multiple barrels (more ...)
Two 4-Port Rain Barrels plus Linking Kit

Universal Downspout System $0.00
This versatile kit lets you install your rain barrel without removing the downspout. Once it's installed, you can choose to direct the flow of water into the rain barrel, or choose the bypass option that directs water through downspout. This kit (more ...)
Universal Downspout System

Woody Wall Tank Rain Barrel $649.00
Collect free rainwater for gardens with the large-capacity Woody Wall Tank Rain Barrel. With an unobtrusive, clapboard-style design and narrow profile, it tucks up against your home to provide a subtle design element while collecting rainwater. (more ...)
Woody Wall Tank Rain Barrel

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Rain Barrels