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Spinach - Whale F-1 - Org

Whale F-1 Organic Spinach is a dark green baby spinach with round to elongated leaves. It is slow to bolt; harvest early summer to fall. Whale FR-1 should be used as your second spinach for continuous cuttings. This is a quite versatile spinach, since it has moderate tolerance to bolting, tolerance to tip burn, and can be grown for spring, summer or fall crops. Spinach should be part of every familyís diet because it is delicious either fresh in salads or cooked. Itís a cool weather lover and it grows extremely quickly, which means you donít have to wait long to enjoy it, but youíll also have to keep planting new spinach to extend the harvest. Getting spinach to grow is easy! Just plant 4-6 weeks before last frost; can also be planted mid fall for earliest spring harvests! (Resists DM.)

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Spinach - Whale F-1 - Org

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Spinach - Whale F-1 - Org