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Red Flowering Dogwood

The Red Flowering Dogwood tree, Cornus florida, 'Cherokee Chief', exhibits a moderate growth rate. The new growth is red. Red Flowering Dogwood trees have moderate resistance to mildew. The blooms are a beautiful deep lasting ruby red. Fall color is a bright scarlet. Dogwoods have a variety of landscape uses. With the year-round interest, dogwoods are excellent for specimen or accent plantings around the terrace or patio.

This deciduous trees is often used with a combination of rhododendrons, azaleas and dogwoods planted in a raised bed which creates an interesting natural landscape feature. Dogwoods make excellent understory trees in a semi-shaded area and are also now being used in conjunction with typical foundation plantings and groundcovers in large beds around a building.

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Red Flowering Dogwood

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Red Flowering Dogwood