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Beans - Fava Beans - Windsor - Hrlm

Windsor Heirloom Fava Bean, a Mediterranean heirloom, is a very dependable variety with glossy green long pods; 4 - 5 seeds per pod. The Fava is an erect, large-leaved, single-stalked plant, two to seven feet tall, which assumes a full, bushy appearance at maturity. The beautiful black and white fragrant flowers make this plant pretty enough to use in flowerbeds! It grows well in cooler, northern climates, and can be grown as a cover crop. Since Favas are ideal for cool climates, they can be planted 6 weeks earlier than other beans. Steam the fresh beans or add to soups. You can also enjoy the leaves of the fava plant, preparing them similarly to spinach. To store Fava Beans, blanch when green, then freeze, or they can be dried for future use. The seeds are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and have been a cornerstone of human nutrition for thousands of years.

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Beans - Fava Beans - Windsor - Hrlm

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Beans - Fava Beans - Windsor - Hrlm