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Akebia - Silver Bells

Akebia - Silver Bells, Akebia quinata 'Silver Bells', is a vigorous vine with both light pink and reddish-purple flowers. It has the largest leaves of the five leafed akebia varieties. Silver Bells is a beautiful, fast growing vine that thrives with little care, and it produces a weird looking fruit! The abundant May flowers are very fragrant, and the vine occasionally produces a bizarre looking five inch long pink, or blue skinned fruit. Inside this fruit is a tasty roll of white seedy pulp that makes a tropical tasting clear jelly or flavorful drink. It is a beautiful evergreen in the Pacific Northwest and warmer areas, and deciduous in colder climates. Needs good garden soil and sun to part shade. To get pollination and fruit, plant two of the varieties. If provided with something to climb on, the twining vine can grow 20 feet a year. It may be pruned severely each year if you wish to control its rapid growth. It can also run along the ground, rooting where branches touch and become an attractive ground cover.

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Akebia - Silver Bells

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Akebia - Silver Bells