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Cabbage - Golden Acre - Hrlm

Golden Acre Heirloom Cabbage is an early and quite sweet, quick-heading cabbage. This is the elite strain, which is vastly superior to the original Golden Acre cabbage. Since its size is just right, the small 3 lb. heads are perfect for limited space. Golden Acre Cabbage heads are succulent, sweet and tender; produces round, tight heads shaped like balls. Golden Acre should be picked as soon as heads become hard. It is a great cabbage for coleslaw or stir fry. If outside condition are not good, sow seed in modular tray, then just plant out the plug plants when large enough. Choose an open, unshaded site with fertile, well-drained and moisture retentivesoil. Also, be sure to plant another seed crop at midsummer for fall harvest. Cabbage harvested in the fall is especially sweet. Cabbage supplies Calcium, Iron, and Vitamins A, B, Niacin and C.

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Cabbage - Golden Acre - Hrlm

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Cabbage - Golden Acre - Hrlm