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Cabbage - Stonehead F-1

Stonehead F-1 Cabbage is an early ballhead type. True to its name, it weighs 4 lb., has a 6 inch diameter, and is dense; so solid you could stand on them. The creamy white heart has a lovely crisp texture to it. Stonehead has evenly maturing heads that hold up well even in the summer heat. These compact plants are adapted for close planting. Its firm texture and small core will enable you to make lots of delicious sauerkraut! Resists FW, BR & YR. AAS 1969. If outside condition are not good, sow seed in modular tray, then just plant out the plug plants when large enough. Choose an open, unshaded site with fertile, well-drained and moisture retentive soil. Also, be sure to plant another seed crop at midsummer for fall harvest. Cabbage harvested in the fall is especially sweet.

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Cabbage - Stonehead F-1

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Cabbage - Stonehead F-1