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Garlic - Porcelain - Musik - Org

Musik Organic Garlic (Hardneck) has a very large bulb that contains 4 to 5 buff colored cloves, streaked and lined with red highlights. The flavor is HOT and pungent with a long lasting bite. This garlic is easy to grow and possesses a great "classic" garlic flavor. Being high yielding you will enjoy your Musik Garlic for a long time since it stores 6 months or more. Add one to your favorite dish! Garlic survives bitterly cold winters underground and then grows rapidly when the weather warms in spring; bulbs in summer. Garlic needs fertile soil with lots of organic matter. The soil needs to remain uncompacted through the long growing season. Harvesting them at the right time is very important. Harvest when heads are firm to the touch. Be sure to store them where it is dark and dry.

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Garlic - Porcelain - Musik - Org

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Garlic - Porcelain - Musik - Org