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Black Walnut - Carpathia

The Carpathian Black Walnut tree, Juglans nigra, 'Carpathian', can be planted as a nut bearing landscape tree. Common names for the Carpathian Black Walnut tree are Persian Walnut, English Walnut, Carpathian Walnut and Madeira Nut. This deciduous tree bears nuts that are thin-shelled and easy to open. The tree's crown is rounded, spreading and open. The best growth and nut production comes when it is placed in deep, dry, light loamy soils.

Carpathian Black Walnut trees are self-pollinating but they will normally do better with another neighboring Black Walnut. This selection comes from parent trees in central Michigan where trees crop abundantly although winter temps plunge to -34' F. It is an excellent shade tree that bears excellent thin shell English Walnuts.

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Black Walnut - Carpathia

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Black Walnut - Carpathia