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Buffaloberry - Silver

Silver Buffaloberry, 'Shepherdia argentea', is an ornamental shrub that has silvery new growth and thorny branches. The orange-red berries can be used for fine jellies. It has a rounded shape and yellow-white flowers. It makes an excellent hedge or specimen plant. This drought tolerant shrub or small tree, typically grows 8-12 feet tall and as wide. Its silver-green leaves give it spring and summer interest, but its silver stems and red to yellow fruit make it attractive all winter long. It is as tough as nails and is not susceptible to any particular pest or disease. It's an underused plant that deserves more attention. It likes full sun, moderate water, tolerant of cold, wind, alkaline soil, and standing water. It has edible berries that the birds love.

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Buffaloberry - Silver

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Buffaloberry - Silver