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Dwarf Red Buckeye

The Dwarf Red Buckeye tree, Aesculus pavia, is one of the first plants in the woodland to reawaken in spring. The Red Buckeye trees starts sending out tender new leaves as early as February, up to a month before the surrounding oaks and maples show any sign of renewed life. Red buckeye’s lavish carmine flowers come early, too, and are an important source of food for hummingbirds in the months before most other plants are in flower.

This deciduous tree is a wonderful little tree to plant at the edge of a woodland garden, near a patio, or as the focal point at the curve of a path. It is especially pretty when underplanted with early spring wildflowers. Its large, drooping, dark green leaves provide plenty of interest throughout the growing season. The lush foliage also provides excellent cover for songbirds. Red buckeye should be recommended to all impatient gardeners, because it brings instant gratification: It starts blooming when it is just 3 feet tall. It is known for its deep crimson flowers borne in early summer. It is easy to grow.

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Dwarf Red Buckeye

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Dwarf Red Buckeye