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Azalea - Pink Mollis Hybrid

The Azalea, Pink Mollis Hybrid, Rhododendron x kosteranum, is a lush, deciduous shrub that bears a splendid supply of stunning pink blooms in an unsurpassed brilliance in spring and early summer. Pink Mollis bears large clusters of 2 to 3 inch flowers and has been hybridized to be hardy even in more northern parts of the country. Flowers are borne in large, showy trusses in mid-spring just before the leaves emerge. The deciduous hybrid azalea is known for excellent fall color and unsurpassed spring flowers. If given too much shade or if plants are allowed to get too dry in midsummer, blooming will be reduced the following year. This azalea needs full sun. Pink Mollis also requires acidic soils and excellent drainage. This azalea is usually trouble free if planted correctly in proper cultural conditions.

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Azalea - Pink Mollis Hybrid

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Azalea - Pink Mollis Hybrid