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Autumn Blooming Cherry

The Autumnalis Cherry, 'Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis", also known as Autumn Blooming Higan cherry, produces beautiful pink blossoms in early spring. The Autumnalis is used for highways, buffers, patio plant specimens, and small yards. It also has nice winter interest with its attractive bark. The cultivar 'Autumnalis' has semi-double flowers with 10 petals instead of the normal five. 'Autumnalis' sometimes blooms sporadically in August, but still puts on its main show in spring. The one to four-inch-long dark green leaves are later joined by the appearance of small, black berries. The leaves cast light shade below the spreading canopy, and turn attractive fall colors of yellow and bronze before dropping.

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Autumn Blooming Cherry

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Autumn Blooming Cherry