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Peony - Charlie's White

The Charlie's White Peony, Paeonia 'Charlie's White', was introduced in 1951 by C. G. Klehm, 'Charlie's White' is still one of the prettiest double whites. The full, 6 inch blooms consist of large, pure white guard petals surrounded by a tuft of creamy white, incurved petals. An excellent cut flower and lightly fragrant. All of our peonies are widely adaptable to most soils across the country. They bloom in mid to late spring and have very large, colorful blooms that stand out in the spring garden. Charlie's White can handle dry to moist sites, and do best in full sun but can handle some light shade. Often thought of as a plant used on the farm or out in the country, they bring a little bit of that country feeling to your garden. It is not uncommon to see peonies planted along the driveway or lane in a mass. Southerners should seek out our early bloomers and provide afternoon shade.

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Peony - Charlie's White

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Peony - Charlie's White