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Peony - Duchess de Nemours

The Peony 'Duchess de Nemours', 'Paeonia', a fall planted bulb, produces gorgeous large white flowers that are splotched with a touch of red and sparkle in the garden. During late spring-early summer, they fill the garden with fragrance. They also produce superb, long lasting cut flowers. They will bloom 3 to 4 weeks in late spring.

The Peony tolerates some drought but thrives in moist, fertile, well-drained soil. If your soil is extremely acid, add some lime at planting time. Plant the roots with the eyes (buds) pointing up and place them 1" below the soil level. Peonies usually take a few years to establish and bloom heavily. Staking is recommended. Peonies attract butterflies and are great cut flowers and borders. They are also deer, rabbit, and squirrel resistant.

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Peony - Duchess de Nemours

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Peony - Duchess de Nemours