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Pumpkins - Sugar Pie - Org

Sugar Pie Organic Pumpkin is a very popular pumpkin for general use. It is perfect for pies or canning. The fruits are 6 - 8 lbs. with thick sweet stringless flesh. Pumpkins like full sun and a rich, well-draining soil. Thin the seedling to the strongest 2 -3 plants. Mulch around the plants to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and keep the fruit clean. Harvest when the color is uniform and the shell doesn’t dent when pressed with a finger nail, or when the vines have dried and shriveled. Pumpkins can withstand a light frost, but always harvest before a hard frost. Sugar Pie is a good keeper, but pumpkins need to be cured, to store well. Place in a warm, sunny spot and let them cure for about 10 days. Then store in a cool, dry area.

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Pumpkins - Sugar Pie - Org

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Pumpkins - Sugar Pie - Org