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Pumpkins - Wee Be Little

Wee Be Little Pumpkin is the perfect miniature pumpkin. These adorable little pumpkins are ideal for carving and kids love them! Each one has a smooth orange flesh that is slightly ribbed; average weight is only 1/2 lb. Since Wee Be Little is nice and compact and produced on a bush, it takes up less space than the big, rambling types. This is an ideal pumpkin for the smaller garden. The flesh is thick, tasty and sweet, making Wee Be Little great for pumpkin muffins, breads or pies, and they store especially well. It is a 1999 All America Selection winner. Pumpkins need sun and humus-rich soil to produce healthy plants. Seeds can be planted directly in the garden when the days consistently reach into the low 70's, and the spring rains have tapered off.

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Pumpkins - Wee Be Little

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Pumpkins - Wee Be Little