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Heritage® Birch

The Heritage River Birch tree, Betula nigra, 'Heritage', is the most prominent of all the cultivars of River Birch trees. It is faster growing, has larger, glossier leaves and is less prone to leaf spot than the other species. The bark exfoliates on younger trees and opens to a lighter, salmon-colored trunk.

One of the most appealing features of the Heritage® Birch is the bark, which, on larger, young branches and stems, is reddish to pinkish brown and peels off in papery strips. The exposed inner bark is gray-brown to cinnamon-brown to reddish brown. The bark of this deciduous tree, when mature, is ridged and deepens to dark brown. This tree is handsome without leaves because of its graceful silhouette and exfoliating bark.

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Heritage® Birch

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Heritage® Birch