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Sargents Crabtree - White

Sargents Crabtree - White, 'Malus sargentii White, is a dwarf form of M. sargentii reaching 5' in height and equal width often grafted on a 5' standard to form a specimen patio tree, or one that could be planted in a bed with foundation plants. It is known for its stunning flowers. The fragrant flowers bloom profusely in the spring, opening from the bud red in color and gradually fading through pink to white. This dwarf flowering tree is perfect for a wildlife garden, as its dark red berries are edible. The summer foliage of this deciduous tree is a dark green color. They can be planted as a specimen or patio tree, and have moderate water requirements and a moderate tolerance to salt and alkaline soils.

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Sargents Crabtree - White

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Sargents Crabtree - White