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Burning Bush - Winged

Winged Burning Bush, 'Euonymus alatus', is a beautiful rounded shrub with tiny yellow flowers in May-June and known best for its long lasting fiery red fall color. The inconspicuous flowers give way to paired or single reddish capsules that split to reveal orange fleshy seeds. (Four corky ridges appear along the length of young stems.) Corky wings on the branches provide additional winter interest.

Winged Burning Bush is good for borders, accents and screens. It prefers sun to light shade. This shrub is widely planted by landscape professionals and homeowners for its fall color, dark green leaves and winged stems. It expands locally through vegetative reproduction and to new areas through bird dispersal of seeds. Shrubs can be repeatedly cut to the ground to control re-sprouts.

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Burning Bush - Winged

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Burning Bush - Winged