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Adirondack Crabapple

The Adirondack Crabapple, Malus 'Adirondack, has an upright growth habit and dark green, highly disease tolerant foliage. This tree will give form and substance to the summer garden. Its crimson buds open to white flowers with tints of red; it is one of the most profusely flowered of all crabapple cultivars. It is highly rated for both aesthetics and disease resistance by the International Ornamental Crabtree Society. The slender, upright form lends itself well to home gardens where space is at a premium. Abundant, persistent, orange-red fruit adds fall and winter interest. Requires virtually no pruning nor chemical controls for the common crabapple diseases. Adirondack grows best in full sun and is adaptable to varying soils conditions, and it is drought tolerant. This crabapple is unique in form, elegant in flower, colorful in fruit.

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Adirondack Crabapple

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Adirondack Crabapple