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small fruit 3 pack 18 inch Select

Primula veris,Campanula rotundifolia, Verbascum thapsus, Armeria maritime, Only those few of us who are botanists will be able to identify behind the technical nomenclature the flowers known to the majority by less formidable titles: Cowslip, Bluebell, Mullein, Thrift. But the number will be even less of those who can penetrate into the lost world concealed by the popular names: they are so long with us we imagine they are part of a permanent tradition. Maybe you have heard of the growing trend to plant flowers that have original names reflecting the life of the virgin mother Mary. So much can be gained from learning about the history of our favorite plants and trees. Backyardgardener is the Largest Gardening Store in the World.

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Blueberry - Bluecrop $32.95

The Bluecrop Blueberry, Vaccinium 'Bluecrop', has a firm light blue medium-sized fruit. This blueberry is considered the best for consistent yields, disease resistance (more ...)

Blueberry - Bluecrop

Blueberry - Blueray $32.95

The Blueray Blueberry, 'Vaccinium 'Blueray', is a heavy producer of high quality large, powder-blue berries with outstanding dessert flavor. Pink tinged flowers are followed by edible, sweet, round, deep blue berries to 1/2 inch across. It is a (more ...)

Blueberry - Blueray

Blueberry - Brunswick $32.95
The Brunswick Blueberry, 'Vaccinium angustifolium 'Brunswick', is a variety that has small, sky blue berries that are firm and flavorful. It is a lowbush variety that makes a 1 - 2 feet dense ground cover if planted in groups. The beautiful (more ...)
Blueberry - Brunswick

Blueberry - Duke $32.95
Blueberry Duke, Vaccinium 'Duke', is very firm and retains its fresh quality longer than most other varieties. 'Duke' blooms late but ripens early (Early July), protecting blossoms from late frosts. Heavy, consistent producer. Upright growth but (more ...)
Blueberry - Duke

Blueberry - Earliblue $32.95

The Blueberry EarliBlue, 'Vaccinium corymbosum 'Earliblue', is a producer of firm, large berries with resistance to cracking. It has a mild sweet flavor and ripens uniformly. This variety is popular with both commercial growers and home (more ...)

Blueberry - Earliblue

Blueberry - Jersey $32.95

The Jersey Blueberry, Vaccinium 'Jersey', has a dark blue fruitthat is small to medium in size and very sweet in flavor. It is very productive and an excellent berry (more ...)

Blueberry - Jersey

Blueberry - Northblue $32.95

The Northblue Blueberry, 'Vaccinium 'Northblue', has large fruitthat is dark blue, with an excellent blueberry flavor and is great for fresh eating. A prolific (more ...)

Blueberry - Northblue

Blueberry - Northcountry $32.95

The Northcountry Blueberry, Vaccinium 'Northcountry', has an attractive, sky blue colored fruit that is produced abundantly on this low, spreading shrub. It has a sweet wild blueberry flavor, and this fruit is small to medium 1/4" in diameter. (more ...)

Blueberry - Northcountry

Blueberry - Northland $32.95

The Northland Blueberry, 'Vaccinium 'Northland', has small dark blue fruit that has an excellent, wild berry flavor. Clusters of dainty, waxy, bell-shaped, white flowers bloom in spring. Flowers are followed by tasty blue berries, which ripen in (more ...)

Blueberry - Northland

Blueberry - Northsky $32.95

The Northsky Blueberry, 'Vaccinium 'Northsky', is a variety that has small, sky blue berries that are firm and flavorful. It is the most cold hardy of all the (more ...)

Blueberry - Northsky

Blueberry - Patriot $32.95

The Patriot Blueberry, Vaccinium 'Patriot', has large blue fruitwith excellent blueberry flavor, borne in tight clusters, and ripening in late July. Patriot is a (more ...)

Blueberry - Patriot

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small fruit 3 pack 18 inch Select