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Artichoke, Jerusalem

A unique, delicious vegetable. This unusual, delicate flavored, nutritious vegetable is loaded with "vegetable power." Jerusalem artichokes -- also known as Sunchokes -- are high in food value and rich in vitamins, which are easily, hydrolyzed to levulose, a natural sugar. They're delicious sliced raw in salads, adding a crisp, nut-like flavor. Added to Chinese dishes the last minute of cooking, they taste similar to water chestnuts. Or cook them as you do potatoes -- bake, boil and serve with butter, mash or cream them. This strain of potato-like tubers is untreated and extra fine for eating or planting. They are very hardy, and will thrive anywhere. Can be dug for winter storage or left in the ground without harm. Jerusalem Artichokes can be planted spring or fall. Eyes should be planted 18 inches apart. 1 1/2 pounds will plant 35 to 50 feet of row.

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Artichoke, Jerusalem

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Artichoke, Jerusalem