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Cherry Tomatoes

In the past 40 years, we've lost many of our heirloom tomato varieties, along with the many smaller family farms that supported tomato heirlooms. The multitude of tomato heirlooms that had adapted to survive well for hundreds of years were lost or replaced by fewer hybrid tomatoes, bred for their commercially attractive characteristics.

In the process we have also lost much of the ownership of foods typically grown by family gardeners and small farms, and we are loosing the genetic diversity at an accelerating and alarming rate.

Every tomato heirloom variety is genetically unique and inherent in this uniqueness is an evolved resistance to pests and diseases and an adaptation to specific growing conditions and climates. With the reduction in genetic diversity, food production is drastically at risk from plant epidemics and infestation by pests. Call this genetic erosion. We are honor to provide over 600 tomato varities.

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Alaska Tomato Seeds $2.95
An heirloom tomato from Russia. (Aljaska is Russian spelling). These organic tomato seeds produce short to medium-sized, bushy plants. This is an early-producing tomato plant that yields lots of large, round, brilliant red, 'salad-type' cherry (more ...)
Alaska Tomato Seeds

Angora Super Sweet Heirloom Tomato Seeds $2.95
A very productive plant with fuzzy turquoise to blue-grey colored leaves. A 1-inch, super-sweet cherry developed by Joe Bratka.
Angora Super Sweet Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry Heirloom Tomato Seeds $2.95
A very productive and vigorous heirloom that yields 3/4 to 1-inch, round, yellow cherries with a fruity-tart flavor.
Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Black Cherry Tomato Seeds $2.95
A tall, vigorous plant that produces abundant crops of 1, deep mahogany-brown fruits. The only round, truly black cherry we've found. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, complex, full flavors, characteristic of the blacks. Beautiful to mix (more ...)
Black Cherry Tomato Seeds

Black Plum Heirloom Tomato Seeds $2.95
One of my favorite Russian varieties that produces a long and steady crop of 2-inch elongated plum-shaped fruits colored a beautiful deep-mahogany with dusky-green shoulders. Fruit resembles a small paste tomato but with thinner walls. Unique sweet (more ...)
Black Plum Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Blondkopfchen Heirloom Tomato Seeds $3.95
Name of this heirloom means little blond girl. Plant produces phenomenal clusters of 20-30 very-very-very tasty gold/yellow grape-sized (1/2"") cherries. Put this in your mouth and see if you can keep from smiling.
Blondkopfchen Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Camp Joy tomato Seeds $2.95
Heavy bearing heirloom variety that offers an abundance of luscious 1"" fruit with huge, well-balanced, sweet tomato flavors. One of Gary Ibsen's favorite cherry varieties. Strong disease resistant. Perfect for snacking or salads.
Camp Joy tomato Seeds

Cerise Orange Tomato Seeds $2.95
An heirloom tomato from Norbert Parreira, Helliner, France in 1992. Our Tomatofest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, big, sprawling, regular leaf tomato plants that yield huge amounts of tiny, 1/2-inch, golden-orange cherry tomatoes with a (more ...)
Cerise Orange Tomato Seeds

Chadwick Cherry Tomato Seeds $2.95
Heirloom cherry tomato named after the late master gardener, Alan Chadwick, originator of the biointensive method of gardening. Flavorful, 1-inch, red fruits borne in vigorous clusters of six. Add these cherry tomato seeds to your collection of (more ...)
Chadwick Cherry Tomato Seeds

Cluj Yellow Cherry Heirloom Tomato Seeds $3.95
Romanian heirloom named for the city of Cluj. May be related to Nikolayev Yellow Cherry since cities of Cluj and Nikolayev are not that far apart. Large wispy heirloom plant that produces HUGE amounts of 1/2-3/4 inch yellow cherries. Unique, sweet (more ...)
Cluj Yellow Cherry Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Coyote tomato Seeds $2.95
Maye Clement brought Craig Lehoullier a branch of half a dozen of these tomatoes which he displayed at the PA Hort. Society Harvest Show in the late 1980's. Originally it was a wild Mexican tomato called Coyote Tiny Yellow. A jewel-like cherry, that (more ...)
Coyote tomato Seeds

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Cherry Tomatoes