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Other Colors

In the past 40 years, we've lost many of our heirloom tomato varieties, along with the many smaller family farms that supported tomato heirlooms. The multitude of tomato heirlooms that had adapted to survive well for hundreds of years were lost or replaced by fewer hybrid tomatoes, bred for their commercially attractive characteristics.

In the process we have also lost much of the ownership of foods typically grown by family gardeners and small farms, and we are loosing the genetic diversity at an accelerating and alarming rate.

Every tomato heirloom variety is genetically unique and inherent in this uniqueness is an evolved resistance to pests and diseases and an adaptation to specific growing conditions and climates. With the reduction in genetic diversity, food production is drastically at risk from plant epidemics and infestation by pests. Call this genetic erosion. We are honor to provide over 600 tomato varities.

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Aunt Ruby’s German Green Heirloom Tomato Seeds $3.95
Heirloom beefsteak variety from Ruby Arnold of Greeneville, Tennessee who passed away in 1997. Slightly flattened, 1 pound fruit that ripens to a pale greenish-yellow (lime jello green) with a slight pink blush that extends to the inside. Superb, (more ...)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Blue Fruit Heirloom Tomato Seeds $2.95
Fruit from this potato-leaf variety is 2 to 3"", round, purple-gray with rich sweet flavors.
Blue Fruit Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Brown Flesh Tomato Seeds $3.95
Brown colored, 3-lobed, medium-sized fruit with green streaks and almost hollow core.
Brown Flesh Tomato Seeds

Charlie's Green Heirloom Tomato Seeds $3.95
Large, 1-pound, green beefsteak with yellow hues when ripe. Every bit as splendid in taste as Aunt Ruby's German Green and found it to be slightly more prolific in production of fruit.
Charlie's Green Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Evergreen Heirloom Tomato Seeds $2.95
A solid, medium-sized, green slicer, with full, mild and delicious flavors. One of the best tasting greens.
Evergreen Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Grandma Oliver's Green Tomato Seeds $2.95
3-inch round, olive-green fruit with a sweet/tangy flavor. A very good tasting green tomato.
Grandma Oliver's Green Tomato Seeds

Great White Tomato Seeds $2.95
A large white beefsteak heirloom with a wonderfully sweet almost melon-like flavor.
Great White Tomato Seeds

Green Sausage Tomato Seeds $3.95
Short bushy plant that yields abundant crop of 3-inch long, yellow-green, sausage shaped fruits with darker green verticle striping and a pointed tip. Good tasting 'novelty' tomato that brigtens up a tomato display or salad. Also good for sauce.
Green Sausage Tomato Seeds

Halfmoon China Heirloom Tomato Seeds $2.95
Tall vines producing 3-inch, white beefsteaks with melon-like flavor. Elegant taste and appearance.
Halfmoon China Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Lime Green Salad Heirloom Tomato Seeds $3.95
Small plants that produce abundant sprays of round, lime-green tomatoes that ripen further to an amber color. Fruits are 3 to 5 oz., chartreuse inside, full of juice and a lucious, tangy flavor.
Lime Green Salad Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Long Keeper Tomato Seeds $2.95
Best planted in early summer for late harvest. Hearty plant produces huge amounts of 6 oz., round fruits. Popular for it's good taste and long storage ability. Because of slow-ripening qualities fruits become ripe1-3 months after harvesting. If (more ...)
Long Keeper Tomato Seeds

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Other Colors