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Mid Season

In the past 40 years, we've lost many of our heirloom tomato varieties, along with the many smaller family farms that supported tomato heirlooms. The multitude of tomato heirlooms that had adapted to survive well for hundreds of years were lost or replaced by fewer hybrid tomatoes, bred for their commercially attractive characteristics.

In the process we have also lost much of the ownership of foods typically grown by family gardeners and small farms, and we are loosing the genetic diversity at an accelerating and alarming rate.

Every tomato heirloom variety is genetically unique and inherent in this uniqueness is an evolved resistance to pests and diseases and an adaptation to specific growing conditions and climates. With the reduction in genetic diversity, food production is drastically at risk from plant epidemics and infestation by pests. Call this genetic erosion. We are honor to provide over 600 tomato varities.

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Garden Peach Tomato Seeds $2.95
Small 2 oz. delicate and meaty fruit. Really does have a peach color outside. Hint of red inside. Very mild-sweet taste. Light fuzz on fruit and leaves. A very pretty novelty tomato.
Garden Peach Tomato Seeds

Jade Pink Round Tomato Seeds $2.95
TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce regular-leaf, indeterminate, bushy tomato plants that yield lots of beautiful 2-inch, dark jade-pink colored tomatoes with a deliciously sweet, complex fruity flavor. A great market tomato because of it's (more ...)
Jade Pink Round Tomato Seeds

Lucky Cross Tomato Seeds $3.95
Seeds for this potato leaf sent to me from Amy Gallagher of Madison, WI. Variety originally from Craig LeHoullier from a Brandywine and an unknown bee-produced cross. A fabulous tomato. Red-yellow bicolor fruit with excellent productivity, disease (more ...)
Lucky Cross Tomato Seeds

Striped Cavern Tomato Seeds $2.95
Prolific producer of medium (2 1/2 inch) fruit perfect for stuffing. Blocky, pepper-shaped, hollow, red fruit with orange stripes.
Striped Cavern Tomato Seeds

Sweet Orange Cherry Tomato Seeds $2.95
aka Orange Cherry. Huge crops of 1"" orange, round cherries. One of the best tasting, most prolific cherry tomatoes I grow year to year. Very, very flavorful and crack resistant.
Sweet Orange Cherry Tomato Seeds

Texas Wild-Tomato Seeds $2.25
All I really know is that the original seed of this tomato was collected from a patch of apparently ""wild"" tomatoes in southern Our Tomatofest organic tomato seeds produce huge, sprawling, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that copiously (more ...)
Texas Wild-Tomato Seeds

Mid Season