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Vegetable & Herb Seeds†

Primula veris,Campanula rotundifolia, Verbascum thapsus, Armeria maritime, Only those few of us who are botanists will be able to identify behind the technical nomenclature the flowers known to the majority by less formidable titles: Cowslip, Bluebell, Mullein, Thrift. But the number will be even less of those who can penetrate into the lost world concealed by the popular names: they are so long with us we imagine they are part of a permanent tradition. Maybe you have heard of the growing trend to plant flowers that have original names reflecting the life of the virgin mother Mary. So much can be gained from learning about the history of our favorite plants and trees. Backyardgardener is the Largest Gardening Store in the World.

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Salsify Vegetable Oyster $2.99
This salsify offers a delicious, delicate oyster-like flavor. 120 days. 1 packet (150 seeds)
Salsify Vegetable Oyster

Artichoke Green Globe Improved $3.99
With sharp spines greatly reduced and larger, heavier bearing, quality, globe-shaped heads. Z8-9. 4-6ft. 180 days. 1 packet (40 seeds)
Artichoke Green Globe Improved

Asparagus - Jersey Knight Hybrid $14.99
All-male hybrid's vigorous growth allows it to produce enormous yields of huge, purple-bracted spears with bright green color and fine flavor. Tips stay tight for an extended harvest, even in heat. Rust resistant. PP6624. 1-yr plants. (more ...)
Asparagus - Jersey Knight Hybrid

Asparagus Jersey Giant Hybrid $14.99
Very vigorous grower whose huge green spears boast purple highlights. The perfect culinary treat. All-male hybrid produces heavier yields than female or male and female types. Excellent disease resistance: Jersey Giant is tolerant to fusarium (more ...)
Asparagus Jersey Giant Hybrid

Asparagus Jersey Supreme Hybrid $14.99
Double the yields of older varieties and one of the earliest for harvesting! Superb-quality spears. All-male variety is cold-hardy and highly resistant to disease. Great for those who sell at marketóJersey Supreme will guarantee you to be the (more ...)
Asparagus Jersey Supreme Hybrid

Asparagus Mary Washington Improved $9.99
Guarantees heavy yields for many years to come. Tighter tips than the original. Emerald spears have the same superior flavor, reliability and extra-long cutting period. 1-yr plants. This item ships at the proper planting time for your region (more ...)
Asparagus Mary Washington Improved

Asparagus Pea $3.99
Very easy to grow, producing lots of delicious, winged pods for up to 10 weeks. Harvest when 1in long and cook lightly to bring out their unique flavor. Can be used in the flower border as attractive ground cover. 12in. 90 days. 1 packet (more ...)
Asparagus Pea

Asparagus Sweet Purple $13.99
Larger, colorful variety is more tender than many green asparagus, and just wait until you taste it! 20% higher sugar content than green varieties makes Sweet Purple delicious even raw! Excellent mild, nutty flavor when cooked, and spears turn (more ...)
Asparagus Sweet Purple

Basella Rubra Malabar - Ceylon Spinach $2.99
The climbing spinach! A decorative, quick-growing, climbing plant with red-tinged leaves, stems and flowers. Best used in salads, as much of the red pigment is lost in cooking. Heat tolerant, so use the leaves and stem tips to provide a tasty (more ...)
Basella Rubra Malabar - Ceylon Spinach

Basil Aristotle $3.99
Stunning 'ornamental edible' whose dense, miniature leaves emit a spicy, clove-like fragrance. Greek basil type is perfect in pots on windowsills. Remains compact at just 8in tall. May be sown indoors or out after risk of frost has passed. 8in. (more ...)
Basil Aristotle

Basil Siam Queen $3.99
Very fragrant Thai basil, extra large leaf size releasing more of that intense licorice aroma. The bright green leaves are an attractive foil for the red-purple stems bearing pink-violet blooms. 30-40in. 90 days. 1 packet (100 seeds)
Basil Siam Queen

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Vegetable & Herb Seeds†


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