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Golds, Greens, Orange & Yellows

Our tomato plants are the highest quality on the web! Shipped to you in large 4 1/2" pots with strong, sturdy stems, generally between 6-12" tall.

Tomatoes are easy to grow, even in containers and there's nothing like tasteing a fresh homegrown tomato. You can also grow tomato plants from seed. It's easy and you should give a try..

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Azoychka $4.95
A gorgeous, open-pollinated tomato plant that produces an abundant crop of as many as 40 tomatoes per plant with a smooth, 3-inch, 10-16 oz., slightly flattened shape and meaty flesh.

Cherokee Green $4.95
Another new version of the Cherokee tomato with excellent spicy, tangy flavor that you will not believe. The interior ripens bright green and the skin takes on a yellowish hue when ripe.
Cherokee Green

Copia $4.95
This beautiful large, striped tomato has lovely, fine stripes of glowing gold and neon red. Inside, the flesh is a flavorful mix of red and yellow, swirled together in various combinations

Granny Smith $4.95
Yes, we said Granny Smith Tomato! These tomatoes are flavorful and stay green when fully mature with a hint of gold coloring, perfect for fried green tomatoes
Granny Smith

Great White $4.95
"Wow" the neighbors with this truly unique colored, large beefsteak sized tomato. The flesh is sweet and meaty with a perfect texture and a very surprising full flavor.
Great White

Green Zebra $4.95
Green Zebra is one of our most popular tomatoes for its spectacular flavor. These beautiful small fruit start green with dark stripes and ripen to a yellow color keeping the green stripes.
Green Zebra

Orange Strawberry $4.95
The flesh on this nice sized, strawberry shaped, heirloom tomato begins golden and turns to an amazing tangerine color.
Orange Strawberry

Persimmon $4.95
Persimmon is a fantastic, huge, golden orange variety with fruits that range from 1 to 2 lbs and 5" across!

Pineapple $4.95
Pineapple is an old-fashioned gorgeous yellow heirloom with red-orange stripes. This plant will produce huge fruit which is very sweet growing up to 2 lbs.

Virginia Sweets $4.95
Virginia Sweets is a beautiful bi-colored tomato this large beefsteak sized fruit is super sweet and meaty with the perfect texture.
Virginia Sweets

Yellow Brandywine $4.95
This heirloom Brandywine tomato is golden yellow and has a sweet mild flavor perfect for salads & soups but are best sliced onto a tomato sandwich!
Yellow Brandywine

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Golds, Greens, Orange & Yellows