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Tomatoes All Varieties A-Z

Our tomato plants are the highest quality on the web! Shipped to you in large 4 1/2" pots with strong, sturdy stems, generally between 6-12" tall.

Tomatoes are easy to grow, even in containers and there's nothing like tasteing a fresh homegrown tomato. You can also grow tomato plants from seed. It's easy and you should give a try..

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4th of July tomato $4.95
The 4th of July brings to mind the delicious, sweetly tangy tomatoes of summer. These dwarf sized plants bloom prolifically and set loads of deliciously juicy, smaller 4 oz fruit on trusses.
4th of July tomato

Amish Rose $4.95
The Amish Rose tomato is an heirloom from New Holland, Pennsylvania. The flavor is just spectacular...enough said.
Amish Rose

Arkansas Traveler $4.95
Also known as "Traveler", the Arkansas Traveler is a southern heirloom variety is known for producing well in hot weather.
Arkansas Traveler

Azoychka $4.95
A gorgeous, open-pollinated tomato plant that produces an abundant crop of as many as 40 tomatoes per plant with a smooth, 3-inch, 10-16 oz., slightly flattened shape and meaty flesh.

Beauty $4.95
The Beauty is a fantastic heirloom variety on a highly productive plant. Fruits are about 14 oz. with a slightly flattened shape.

Better Boy $4.95
One of the most commonly grown backyard tomatoes, the Better Boy red tomato is a favorite of almost everybody who has ever grown tomatoes!
Better Boy

Black Cherry $4.95
Black Cherry is a cherry tomato with the flavor of the rich, dark, black tomatoes.
Black Cherry

Black Krim $4.95
The Black Krim Heirloom tomato is dark brownish-red colored with a rich, sweet flavor. Large size fruit sets well and the color gets darker in hot sunny weather.
Black Krim

Box Car Willie $4.95
Box Car Willie is an old prolific heirloom variety and is the best producer of red, smooth 10-16 oz. fruits.
Box Car Willie

Brandywine $4.95
Brandywine is the most well known heirloom variety for good reason. It has huge fruit with incredibly sweet flavor.

Bush 506 Container $4.95
This Bush 506 tomato plant will only reach 18-24" tall and has a medium-large sized red juicy fruits.
Bush 506 Container

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Tomatoes All Varieties A-Z