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Tomatoes All Varieties A-Z

Our tomato plants are the highest quality on the web! Shipped to you in large 4 1/2" pots with strong, sturdy stems, generally between 6-12" tall.

Tomatoes are easy to grow, even in containers and there's nothing like tasteing a fresh homegrown tomato. You can also grow tomato plants from seed. It's easy and you should give a try..

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Carmello $4.95
The Carmello is a hybrid, french variety of 8-12 oz. 4-5 inch round red tomatoes. It's the number one market tomato in Europe because of its good sugar/acid balance and crack resistant skin.

Cherokee Chocolate $4.95
This beautiful "Chocolate" version of our favorite Cherokee Purple has an unsurpassed richness of flavor with good acidity
Cherokee Chocolate

Cherokee Green $4.95
Another new version of the Cherokee tomato with excellent spicy, tangy flavor that you will not believe. The interior ripens bright green and the skin takes on a yellowish hue when ripe.
Cherokee Green

Cherokee Purple $4.95
The Cherokee Purple is best tomato we have ever tasted! This tomato will convince you to grow Heirloom varieties. They are from the Tennessee Cherokee Indians, discovered over 100 years ago.
Cherokee Purple

Copia $4.95
This beautiful large, striped tomato has lovely, fine stripes of glowing gold and neon red. Inside, the flesh is a flavorful mix of red and yellow, swirled together in various combinations

Costoluto Fiorentino $4.95
A fantastic old Tuscan Heirloom variety with dark red skin and juicy delicious flesh. Shaped slightly flattened with fluted shoulders they are as pretty as they are tasteful.
Costoluto Fiorentino

Early Girl $4.95
Early Girl is the first full sized tomato to ripen in summer. The 6 oz fruits are delicious, red and juicy.
Early Girl

Fireworks $4.95
Fireworks is one of the largest, earliest red slicing tomatoes available with excellent flavor. Easy to grow, it's bright red fruits are 12-14 ozs. and round. Indeterminate. 60 days

German Giant $4.95
German Giant is an old family heirloom variety with huge deep pink fruits that are just like you remember as that old fashioned flavor.
German Giant

Golden Sweet Pear $4.95
The Golden Sweet Pear is a golden yellow teardrop shaped fruit. This early tomato has a beautiful color and has a sweet burst of flavor.
Golden Sweet Pear

Granny Smith $4.95
Yes, we said Granny Smith Tomato! These tomatoes are flavorful and stay green when fully mature with a hint of gold coloring, perfect for fried green tomatoes
Granny Smith

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Tomatoes All Varieties A-Z