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Primula veris,Campanula rotundifolia, Verbascum thapsus, Armeria maritime, Only those few of us who are botanists will be able to identify behind the technical nomenclature the flowers known to the majority by less formidable titles: Cowslip, Bluebell, Mullein, Thrift. But the number will be even less of those who can penetrate into the lost world concealed by the popular names: they are so long with us we imagine they are part of a permanent tradition. Maybe you have heard of the growing trend to plant flowers that have original names reflecting the life of the virgin mother Mary. So much can be gained from learning about the history of our favorite plants and trees. Backyardgardener is the Largest Gardening Store in the World.

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Broccoli, Di Ciccio Organic 1 Pkt. (200 seeds) $4.95
De Cicco is an excellent choice for extended harvests for home gardeners. Vigorous plants yield 3-4", blue-green heads. After cutting the main head, more side shoots develop, producing many more small to medium-sized heads through the summer. Good (more ...)
Broccoli, Di Ciccio Organic  1 Pkt. (200 seeds)

Broccoli, Raab Rapini Organic 1 Pkt. (200 seeds) $4.95
Matures very quickly from seed. Green shoots have a captivating flavor. Cut 6" pieces when the "broccolis" are the size of a quarter. You'll love it lightly saut‚ed with garlic and olive oil, fresh in salads and boiled soups. Certified Organic.
Broccoli, Raab Rapini Organic  1 Pkt. (200 seeds)