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The information contained here has been, and continues to be, gathered from that priceless source, experience. We provide the best resources as well as our own hands-on gardening information. Bookmark us and revisit whenever you have a question you can't answer yourself, or simply want to improve your gardening knowledge!

Our Plant Encyclopedia can provide you with incredible amounts of information on any of the 32,000 plants it contains, which can be found using either the plant's common household or scientific name. The Encyclopedia is the largest in the world! No, we're not kidding. Also be sure to check out our Gardening Blog for up-to-date tips and ideas. The Gardening Forum is available for you to discuss any aspect of gardening with myself and other users.

The available information is far too extensive to list here in its entirety. Please see the menu bar on the left side and explore any categories that pique your interest. We provide complete instructions for novices and in-depth information for those with more knowledge. Regardless of your experience level, you will find plenty of gardening tips to make it worth your while. If you are looking for something specific, try our search tool.

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We also have the largest gardening store available anywhere in the world! provides a shop where you can purchase anything and everything you might need to create and maintain the most incredible garden that your imagination can conjure into being. Our store provides products for vegetable, flower, water, and organic gardening, as well as seeds, herbs, insect management, lawn care, equipment and tools. We have even grown further to include everything you could need to beautify and accessorize your home, indoor or outdoor, automotive, general lifestyle, even sports and recreation! Take your time and explore our extensive offerings.

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